Top 10 customer service tips

1. Hire people who have a service attitude. Some people
simply enjoy serving others, their organizations, and even
their communities. The spirit of service dominates their
personality. This attitude of service has nothing to do with
money or background, and people who have this attitude
are not necessarily the most outgoing or bubbly. This type of
person will move your business forward. These people
make the best salespeople as well.

2. Make the customer’s time with you an experience. You
have but a few short moments with customers. You don’t
have time to complain about your day or anything else. Ask
yourself, “How can I make their experience better?” Can I
refer to them by name and how can I ask without being too
aggressive? How can I control the environment in this
company? How am I affecting their 5 senses? Exceed their
expectations just a little with their senses and with your
attitude to serve and please, and you will have created a
memorable and compelling experience. Of course, all you
really have to do is visit your competition, see what they are
doing and then top them. But would that be cheating? No,
that’s comparative shopping.

3. Regularly inform all your employees about what’s going
on in your company. Employees need to know what’s
What new products are you offering? When will they be
available? What kind of advertising will take place in the next
month? Will any physical changes be happening in your
offices? Will new branches be add? The more they know,
the better they can serve your customers.

4. Make every decision with the customer in mind. Ask
yourself questions such as, “Do our customers like what
we’re doing?” and “Would our customers like this type of
promotion?” Change the way you look at things from having
it centered around you to focused on whether the customer
would approve.

5. Make the customers an agenda item at every staff
meeting. Present their point of view and ask these
questions: What would the customer think of this? Would
this move be fair to them? How can we serve our customers
better or differently?

6. Empower your employees to do the right thing. And don’t
hold it against them if the situation doesn’t turn out perfectly.
That means giving employees the power to do whatever has
to be done to make a customer’s experience a WOW
experience. They will make mistakes, but each time they will

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