March 2010

The 7 Ultimate Laws Of Success

There are certain laws that when obeyed will bring great success to the people who practice them. These are the 7 Ultimate Laws Of Success. These laws are universal laws that operate whether or not one believes in them. To achieve success, you will need to know and obey these laws.

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The ABC’s Of A Great Life: “R” Is For Respect

A great life is a life based on respect – respect for others, respect for self and respect for spirit. You must be able to demand respect from others, teach them what that means to you and refuse to allow them to treat you otherwise. Likewise, you must offer the same to those around you, in full measure, without exception or restraint. True respect does not demand that someone change to meet your approval first, and you should not bow to others’ demands of the change from you. But what of those who will not give respect, or those whom you cannot respect yourself?

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Revving Up Your Writing Productivity

Productivity begins by recognizing and valuing your brilliance, time, and space. It starts with awareness of what works and what does not. It continues with examining what needs grease, or other needs. Search for the truth for what you need in order to rev up your writing.

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