Don’t Forget About Your Old Ezine Articles

It’s over. You’ve written your ezine article, sent it out
to some ezine publishers, posted it to some article
banks and announcement groups, and have even had
it published in a few ezines. Pretty good, huh! Now
it’s time to forget about that article and move on to the
next one. Or is it?

Actually, if you forget about your article now you may
be missing out on some of the most important benefits
that can be gained from writing ezine articles. Listed
below are 5 ways to get more benefits from your
already published ezine articles.

1. Submit URLs of Published Article to Search Engines

Many times people will like your article enough to
post it on their website. Once you find the URL
where your article is published try submitting it to
some search engines. The webmaster probably won’t
mind but a email asking for their permission can’t hurt.
Additionally, if your article is published in an ezine
that is archived on a website you can submit the URL
of the issue of the ezine that your article appeared in.
If it’s a well-designed site the search engines may
except the submission and your article may start
appearing in search results all over the Net.

I recommend using free search engine submission sites like: or

2. Submit Article Bank URLs to Search Engines

When you post your articles to article banks like or, your articles
are posted on their own webpage. Submitting the
URL for this page to search engines can bring added
readers to your writing. I tried this tip a while back
and truthfully I forgot that I even did it. Recently,
I was surprised to find that a few of the article bank
URLs that I had submitted were actually in some
of the major search engines!

3. Post Your Articles on Your Own Website

By posting your articles to your own website you
are giving all visitors to your site a chance to read
over and benefit from your writings. Having
well-written, informative articles, that you’ve
personally written, on your site can add to your
credibility-which can increase sign-ups and sales.

4. Save All Articles and Promote Them Again in 6 Months/1 Year

New people are logging onto the World Wide Web
each day. The ezines that run your articles now will
have thousands more subscribers in a years time.
Your article will be new to all these fresh faces. And
even the people who read your article in the past will
probably learn something from it the second time
around as well. Of course, you’ll want to be sure an
update your article and maybe even add some new

5. Compile Your Past Articles Into an E-book

E-books are everywhere these days and for a good
reason: People read them! After you have written a
few articles you may have enough content to publish
your own e-book. Then you can offer this e-book to
subscribers or website visitors as a free gift. Or you
can sell your e-book for a small fee.

**Bonus Tip** Always Include Good Resource Box

Whenever you write an article be sure to always
include your resource box. This is the section at the
end of the article where you talk about YOU. If people
like your article they will look for your resource box to
find out where they can get more information from you.
Be sure to include at least one URL in your resource
box. That way anytime your article is posted on a
website you will have a link to one of your websites,
which, coincidentally, will help out your websites
search engine ranking if you follow tips #1 and #2 in
this article.

So don’t forget about those previously published
articles you’ve got saved in Microsoft Word. Pull
them out. Dust them off. Re-use them. Start on your
E-book. And try and remember all the websites that
have posted your articles. Get the URLs. Submit
them to a few search engines. The benefits you
receive may suprise you. And now, my resource box: