Image Makeovers – What’s All the Fuss?

It seems lately that there is a lot of interest in image makeovers. We see it on television from extreme makeovers to home makeovers. What is an Image Makeover? Why do people want makeovers? What will they do for you?

Image Makeovers can be extreme and include plastic surgery, hair implants, liposuction and dental work. For the lucky few who are chosen, it will make a great difference in their lives. Image makeovers help raise self-esteem and give those who have them an edge in the corporate and business world that they would have not previously had. It may seem unjust but there is a widely held belief that how you look reflects who you are – your social status, intelligence etc. Whether we like it or not we are judged within the first fifteen seconds of meeting someone. This alone would be enough reason to want a makeover.

The good news is you have control over the image you project. For those who don’t need or want extreme work done but would like a more polished image and want to highlight their assets, there are simple steps that can be take that will create a more satisfying look.

The elements to consider when creating a professional look are: hair, makeup, style, body type and wardrobe building, communication skills and attitude.

Hair: Keep your hairstyle up-to-date. Hair has a huge impact on your overall look and an out-dated style will make you appear out-dated as well. If you are working in the corporate world this could destroy any chance of advancement. If your style is from the last decade it may communicate that your ideas and practices are too. If you need an updated look find a hairstylist who knows the latest hair fashions.

Makeup: If you don’t wear makeup now and you are otherwise well