Oh, God. What Do I Do Now?

Uh, oh. I’m in trouble now. I found God. Now what do I do with Him?

It’s not like I can just ask Him to go sit in a corner while I go on about my life. He’s kind of hard to ignore. And while he seems kindly enough, and a whole lot more patient than I am when bumping up against the obstacles in my life, just knowing He’s there makes me squirm.

Once I thought it would be cool to know Him. You know, like hanging out together. Maybe even throwing down a couple of cold ones while we shot the bull. In some regards, I think it can still be like that. But He’s like, so, well, unusual that people are starting to look at me like I’m weird.

Did you ever walk into a room and know all eyes were watching your every move? Now imagine it was because you came in with someone who looked so good that you felt like an ugly duckling by comparison. And you knew they just wondered,