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Powerful Principles for Effective Paper Management in Your Association

Today’s high-tech society is taking in and putting out more information than ever imaginable. Looking for an e-mail or searching for an electronic document is as big a challenge as finding our paper files, and, in spite of all the promises of the paperless office, statistics show that exactly the opposite is happening. It is projected that by 2005 there will be 50% more paper than there was in 1995! How many lunches have you missed because you were searching through files

Setting Up Your Filing System

Your filing system is very important. To be able to locate items quickly is of paramount importance. The following system will work for any kind of business. However, please note that many of the files discussed are specific to lease purchasing.


What Are You Fishing With? Lure, Bait and Gear

A 10-step exercise for services professionals to evaluate clients…


Success Doesn’t Always Come Easy

On a raw, cold day in the European Alps, Lance
Armstrong steered his bike into the sleeting snow,
then stopped. His partner riding in the car behind
him urged Lance to give it up for the day and return
to the comfort of his shelter.


Lighting and Your Emotions (Part One)

Do you feel unhappy in your home and you don’t know why? Maybe you need to let the light shine! Add new light to your rooms for an instant uplift.


An Overview of Alternative Treatments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Since so many would rather avoid the use of stimulant medications for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder if possible, a growing need for the development of alternative treatments for ADD ADHD has developed over the past twenty years. Although there are many products that claim to help any child with ADD ADHD, the truth is that there are only a few non-medication treatments for attention deficit disorder that have actually undergone even the simplest of clinical trials. Most alternative treatments have never been carefully studied to determine their effectiveness in the real world.