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What to Consider When Transporting Flowers

In the world flowers are given attraction more about specific features such as color, smell and unique patterns. Flowers are normally located in residential places and commercial centers where they give those place-specific looks. In most of the circumstances flowers need to be transported over long distances which may include transporting them internationally. You may opt to use air transport to send flowers to Sweden for instance. this website will provide certain factors underlying the whole process of transporting the flowers till they reach the market.

Ensure that your flowers are safe and disease-free. Flowers tend to be affected easily by fungal infections. Fungi affect the petals which normally appeal to the people. Keep fresh flowers away from infection. Make your flowers secure from being infested since they could lose their good value translating to low sales. Flowers that needs to be send to France, for instance, should be sprayed to preserve them. Gather sufficient information and read more now on the availability of fungicides in the market that helps you in the preservation of the flowers.

Consider more the temperature of flowers. There exists a distinct link between the plant respiration and ambient temperatures and the consequent aging of flowers. Flowers that have been harvested undergo respiration whose effect is the release of a lot of heat. Flowers are normally sealed before being transported. This poses a danger in the sense that the thermal energy remains within them. Respiration rate increases due to high amounts of energy being released. I The transporters should have cooling systems in their store. The aim is to prevent flowers from aging especially those that are send to international markets.

Maintain the sugar level of your flowers. Carbohydrate sugars are important since they give the energy of the flowers. Already cut flowers tend to suffer from carbohydrate deficit. Aim at preventing this occurrence. Put your flowers in the sugar-containing solution immediately after they have been cut. This is done to ensure that the flowers remain fresh mostly. The flowers send to France will maintain their freshness and shelf life.

Use containers that are free from ethylene. The sole reason is that you send flowers internationally. The gas causes a lot of damage which may result in wilting of flowers and consequently lead to their death. If the flowers are packed in ethylene packets, some sorts of flowers are hypersensitive and tend to react almost immediately. A person go carefully about understanding the effects of ethylene and know more of the resulting consequences. You can use various inhibitors properly with the aim of prolonging the storage duration especially over long distances, for instance, send flowers to Sweden.