Subtle Body Imaging Systems

Work with electrical fields that surround animals and plants suggests the presence of an energy body. Studies using Kirlian photography show energy fields surrounding physical objects although there is still some debate as to what these actually are. One famous Kirlian experiment is the ‘Phantom Leaf Effect’. In this experiment the leaf is cut or torn and the top part removed. The Kirlian photographs taken reveal it still to be there as an etheric body, perhaps a ‘holographic energy template’ for the leaf, although there is much discussion as to what this effect actually is.

Electro-acupuncture systems show a way forward to combining the best abilities of orthodox medical science with far more subtle and less invasive treatments. The Motoyama A.M.I. Machine compares the electrical balance of two sides of a human body, by attaching electrodes to acupoints of the 12 main meridians. This machine allows observers to analyse subtle energy streams in the body. Acupuncture and the philosophy behind it has an enhanced understanding of the energy systems that nurture cellular growth and repair.

The Voll machine or Dematron is another breakthrough device in this field that is relatively unheard of. Instead of monitoring the terminal acupoints as in the A.M.I. machine above, the Voll machine measures the electrical parameters of any single acupuncture point in the body. It can show which organs are affected by dis-ease (or un-ease) by analysing the electrical voltages associated with each spot. The Voll machine can help to find the reasons for energetic dysfunction and has a ‘treatment mode’. This can apply energy at the right frequency through resonance, or is used to introduce other substances into the electrical circuit for resonance information. This technique is used to match the frequency of homeopathic remedies to the patient. The Voll machine is also used to study the ill-effects of environmental poisons in the growing field of clinical ecology.

The Mora device has holders for multiple remedies for simultaneous testing to find resonance between them and the patient. Instead of a wire hook-up it uses radio waves to broadcast the vibrations to the machine. It is used to identify allergens and it is possible to inject special frequencies of subtle energy into meridians with this device.

The Interro system contains a memory bank of magnetically coded vibrational signatures for hundreds of homeopathic remedies. The computer searches the data bank for acupoint resonance reactions, meaning that the actual remedies don’t even need to be present for resonance tuning.

Light treatments for cancer are also in evidence. Photodynamic therapy uses drugs or herbs to enhance the body’s light sensitivity and then tunes in specific wavelengths of light. Reports suggest that this treatment destroys only malignant cells. Colour light therapy is a new field, directing specific colour frequencies that resonate with the patient into specific parts of the body.

These machines and others demonstrate the principles of frequency matching between patient and remedy. Radionics measures the patients primary energetic frequency. Although this is nonsense to most doctors. Energy or ‘vibrational’ medicine is heavily legislated against and machines have been made illegal and confiscated. This field has been overlooked for far too long.

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