Build Downlines, Make Money.

How many programs have you joined and promoted, only to end up withnext to no referrals? Why does this happen?Let’s take a look at some of the choices you have when a referral signsup under you. Do you:- contact that person, offering your help? – not bother to email them, and assume they know what to do? – email them immediately with your latest program offer?If you don’t know what to do, you’re not alone.I`ve found that with multi-level referral programs, no matter which one it may be, it`s always better to start out by trying to get your first 3 referrals, then working with THEM to get THEIR first 3, and also teaching them to do the same. This is known in some circles as duplication.It`s always hard to start building downlines, but go for it – be helpful. Helping your referrals means that you are also ultimately helping yourself.Depth vs. WidthWhat does that mean? Most programs have multiple referral levels, building your first level only, means you`re building wide, building down through the levels means your building deepWork on the depth, rather than the width of your downline to begin with. After that “leg” of your downline is working merrily away without too much intervention from you, start on another leg, doing the exact same thing.Golden RulesNever ever use hype when you`re promoting any programs Believe me, it doesn`t work in reality. People get disappointed if they don`t get what they`ve been promised within the timeframe it`s been promised.Be honest in your promotional efforts. Tell people what`s worked, and what hasn`t worked for you. If people ask how much you`ve made over how long a period of time, tell them. Let them know that online marketing is NOT the easiest thing on earth.Let`s face it, if you want to make good money with online marketing, youHAVE to treat it as a business, not as a hobby, and yes, it DOES demand alot of hard work and self-discipline. But taking all these thingsinto consideration, you’ll be able to work your butt off and havesomething to show for it 🙂

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