The 7 Ultimate Laws Of Success

There are certain laws that when obeyed will bring great success to the people who practice them. These are the 7 Ultimate Laws Of Success. These laws are universal laws that operate whether or not one believes in them. To achieve success, you will need to know and obey these laws.

1. The Law of Oneness The Law of Oneness states that we are all connected to the superconscious mind which is the root of all creativity and potential. Therefore, being one with the superconscious mind, we also have the power to create whatever we desire.

Your superconscious mind is your wellspring of infinite creativity and potential. It is the source of all material wealth. Do not mistake it for God. It is simply the third state of consciousness that is the source of pure creativity. It is the power that many successful people have used to propel them from rags to riches, from frustration to self-fulfillment. The great inventors, composers and artists of history tapped into the superconscious mind on a regular basis.

This great power is as available to you at this very minute as it has always been to anyone, anytime, anywhere. The reason many people have not succeeded is because they have not tapped into this infinite source of potential. Thomas Edison, Beethoven, Mozart and many other success people who have tapped into their superconscious mind have enjoyed great success.

2. The Law of Giving and Receiving The Law of Giving and receiving states that whatever you give, that you will receive.

Whatever form of energy you want to receive, you have to keep it flowing in your life. Whatever you want to receive, that you must give to sustain the flow of it in your life. If you stop this flow of energy, you are disrupting both the outflow as well as the inflow of it. It will only cause damage and does not bring any benefit to anyone.

Money is also a form of energy. The law of giving and receiving applies as much to money as to anything else. If one hoards money, he or she is stopping the flow of this energy into his or her life. Money is like water. It flows in a cycle. If you stop the flow of the cycle, you are stopping the circulation of money in your life.

In giving, you receive even more. There is no scarcity but everything is in abundance to those with the Abundance mentality. Some people think that if they give, they will only have less of what they gave. They think that in order for them to prosper, someone else has to lose. This is the scarcity mentality and it is detrimental to your goal achievement.

However, the most important aspect of giving is the intention behind it. When you give, it must be out of the pure desire to give joy to the receiver.

3. The Law of Attraction The Universal Law of Attraction states that all forms of matter and energy are attracted to that which is of a like vibration. Therefore, we attract whatever we choose to give our attention to, whether wanted or unwanted.

In this world, everything is vibrating at its own frequency; nothing is static. Thoughts are things. There exist frequencies that are beyond what the human eye can see (such as X-rays) and beyond what the human ear can hear. In fact, we now know that 99.9% of all reality is invisible. Your thoughts have their own frequencies and the frequency of a thought depends on the nature of that thought. When you have a thought, you send out a particular frequency specific to the nature of that thought.

In fact, you are already experiencing the Law of Attraction. You may not be aware of it but you are practicing it all the time. You are sending out thoughts all the time and reaping the results of it. These thoughts have a drawing power. They attract to you the circumstances, people, things etc that you have given your attention to. Look at your life and see what you have been attracting.

4. The Law of Cause and Effect

The universal Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause has a resulting effect, and every effect becomes the cause of another effect. Therefore, for every current effect in your life, there has been a specific cause. Every thought and every action you had in the past generated a force of energy that returns to you in like kind, giving rise to the kind of life you have today.

What you think and do today directly affects your reality in the future.