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“Instead Of Wasting Time Trying To Hit The Lottery Of Internet Riches, Focus On Building Your Business One Sweet Income Stream At A Time!”

Eric (one of my JV partners) experienced an epiphany yesterday. He had one of those rare moments of insight that can forever change your life.

In the 5 or 6 years that I’ve known Eric, the number one question on his mind is how he can find that magical combination of product and website that will instantly create a hundred thousand dollar monthly return. Preferably, without a lot of work.

Then, he tripped over a site yesterday describing how one company had websites that only made between $100 and $200 each. But they’ve got over 2,000 websites. Do the math.

You may have heard the phrase that there’s at least a million ways to make a million bucks. I believe it.

While I am a major proponent of “thinking big,” I’m also realistic.

I didn’t create a massive income overnight from one magical success. Instead, I’ve got a bountiful array of income streams that add up to incredible numbers.

Yes, normal people (those that don’t spend as much as my wife and I do) could live comfortably on some of the individual checks that come in. On the flip side, if I lost any one of the income streams, I’d be inconvenienced. But my spending habits wouldn’t even require an adjustment.

I’ve got to give credit to my friend Robert Allen for beating this into my head several years ago. You’ve probably seen his bestselling book series on “Multiple Streams Of Income”. By the way, you can find me as a contributor to “Multiple Streams Of Internet Income”.

From a security standpoint, it’s great to have lots of different checks come in each month.

Looking at a business start-up, it’s much easier to get some different $200 to $1,000 checks each month than it is to create that magic smash success.

How do you do this? Consider this idea — pick a target market or product or MLM – something…anything. Just pick something to focus on that you can set on autopilot.

Here are some real examples:

– a networking company that I promoted one time to my mailinglist about 3 years ago sends me weekly checks ranging from $20 to $180.

– another networking company that I promote with a couple of website links kicks in about $3,500 a month.

– I refer people through an affiliate program to a product that includes recurring billing and my most recent check was over $2,400.

Notice – I’ve not even mentioned selling my own products yet…

Some of those sell tens of thousands of dollars. Others just sell a few hundred.

– for example…I bought the master resale rights to one product and set up a pre-packaged website. Took a couple of hours to do that and get it submitted to the search engines. Added a couple links to websites. The site probably averages one $40 sale per day with no advertising cost.

While $1,200 a month isn’t going to make you rich, it will make a mortgage payment for some or a car payment on a very luxurious automobile for others.

What if you just followed this simple pattern of setting up a few different deals that each brought in several hundred dollars a month? What would your monthly income be in a year?

Most of these little deals run on auto-pilot. Set it and forget it. Just cash the checks when they come in.

And they will come in if you follow this plan.

And if you’d like a serious shortcut to getting started with these types of deals, then pay close attention to your email inbox early this week. I’m launching an incredible marketing system that will let you just plug in and go.

Yours in success,

Shawn Casey

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