The Secret 3-Step Formula To Guarantee Your Success – Online & Off

There’s one thing you want – SUCCESS. Quickly. Easily.

There’s two ways to get it. Joint Ventures and Affiliate Marketing.

There’s three steps to succeed. And we’ll talk about them now.

Affiliate Marketing lets you earn money selling other people’s products and services. Joint Ventures let you leverage other people’s time, money, and customer lists.

Both can make you rich fast. And it’s easier than building your own business from scratch all by yourself.

There’s just one hurdle to overcome – you need others to help you, partner with you, support and assist you. So you must be able to ‘ethically influence’ your potential partners – and enjoy the fruits of THEIR labor!

3 Quick, Easy Steps To Guarantee Your Success

Human nature is pretty much the same. Any formula based on behavior patterns has a good chance of being successful. Here’s my 3-step process that works well for both affiliate marketing and joint ventures.

* Share Information
* Give Gifts
* Craft Irresistible Offers


Reciprocation – ‘returning a favor’ – is a powerful social force. We feel indebted to anyone who does something for us. Or gives us something.

When you create such a feeling in others, you have a surefire way to get started on the path to success in affiliate marketing or joint ventures.

Information is inexpensive. Yet valuable – to the person receiving it. Without doubt, you know something which others do not. And that information has a certain value to others.

Identify valuable information you have, or can access, or can have created for you. By giving it away first, you foster in your audience a sense of gratitude, obligation, even dependence upon you.


Give – to get. It is a way of doing business I have found incredibly effective.

When you give something to others, it enhances the feelings you have already set into motion by sharing information. This force becomes stronger when you give higher value gifts.

Notice I don’t say ‘price’ – the money value of the gift is less important than the perceived importance to the recipient.

It takes some effort – and even expense – to come up with the right gift for a specific kind of audience. But it is well worth doing because the returns – in the form of increased business – will far outweigh the cost of your effort.


If you’ve played your cards right, the first two steps will soften up your target. Now you can move in for the close – and clinch the deal much more easily than before.

And the final step is to come up with a mouthwatering offer – one your prospect cannot possibly refuse.

There you have the 3-step formula for success – as an affiliate marketer or joint venture specialist. See an example in action here:

By following this step-by-step process, and making it better, smoother, more streamlined and effective, you can have all the partners you want eating out of your hand and lining up to work with you.

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